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Jun 20, 1935 - Feb 06, 2021


Dorothy L. Vaher, 85, of Gwinn, passed away on Saturday, February 6, 2021 at U.P. Health System- Marquette. Dorothy was born on June 20, 1935 in Harvard, IL to the late Charles and Marie (O'Brien) Bourdage. She was a graduate of Harvard High School. Dorothy was a frequent visitor to the F...


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June 20, 1935 - February 06, 2021

Karen (Baisch) Wales February 16, 2021

My sincere condolences to the whole Vaher family. Dorothy was a sweet, fun lady - and a lovely next door neighbor. Mark, Laura and Tami, I am especially keeping you in my prayers. Also Carl. I am sorry to say I had not known of his passing. Our days as kids on Country Club Beach were privileged and care free...mostly made possible by our wonderful moms. Rest in peace, Dorothy.

Andrea Ware February 12, 2021

Andrea Ware February 12, 2021

CandleMy grandma was funny, wise, honest, and not afraid to speak her mind. She taught me so much about not letting anyone step on me, she was always straight forward with me, she encouraged me to pursue art and she always told me how proud she was that I made a career out of it. I hope I can be as tough as she was. I wish I could have seen her more than once a year, but im happy that I spoke to her at least once a month, sometimes more, over the past year. She always had stories to tell, and always had a song to sing. One phrase she used to sing a lot was, "poor ol grandma, poisoned all the neighbors chickens" to this day I dont know what song that came from but it would always make me laugh. I will miss her always, and I will find a way to do something really good for someone, to pass on an act of kindness like she requested.

Kelli Ware-bauer February 11, 2021


Janet Palmer February 10, 2021

I'll miss gossiping and trash talking the contestants on Big Brother with you!

Janet Palmer February 10, 2021

Larry and Louise Kytasaari February 10, 2021

Our neighborhood lost a special friend, Dorothy was a staple at all the neighborhood gatherings, she was always a fun loving person and great dog watcher. Dorothy will be missed by many, Rest in Peace Dorfus, we will miss you.

Fran Baldasari February 9, 2021

When we used to go to the Up North Lodge for Trivia, we needed to have Dorothy on our team. It was amazing how much trivia she had in her head...old songs, old tv shows, names of actors, events, history, etc.! She was an avid reader and remembered it all! I wish I had pictures to share, but they’re in Michigan and I’m in Florida!

Richard Brohammer February 9, 2021

"Aunt" Dorothy always had a kind word for me. She was my link to the past, but always wanted to try new things. I remember getting her hooked on wasabi peas, and giardiniera. In college (mid 90s) I always knew that if I needed to get away, I could grab a friend and drive up to the UP for a weekend away. I am so glad that my wife and kids were able to meet her.

Kelli Ware-Bauer February 9, 2021

CandleWhat I will always remember about Grandma is how kind she was about the advice she gave. No matter your problem, she would be understanding and gentle. I used to call her every Saturday and Sunday on my lunch break at work and tell her about my day and what was going on in life. She would always start by asking me, “what are you having for supper my Darling?” I learned all I could from Grandma. Now with everything that I have acquired from our talks and time together I will carry the knowledge with me wherever I go. She will always be in my heart. I will do my best to keep all my promises to her in return. So yes Grandma I will do my best to stay nice and sweet and love my family with everything that I have! I love and miss you everyday GG!

Irvin Brohammer February 9, 2021

I will miss Aunt Dorothy. There is a saying: "She knew no strangers". She would always welcome anyone into her home and I often brought friends with me to spend time there. One of my earliest memories of her was visiting her , coming down the stairs, and watching her make pancakes for breakfast. She was adding beer to the batter--said she was making "beer pancakes".

Hannah February 9, 2021

Trying to have a conversation and you’d get three words in before she’d think of a song from a word you say. Then we’d start to challenge her with random words and every time she would think of a song ❤️

Kelli Ware-Bauer February 9, 2021


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