Preparing Children For A Cremation Service In Little Lake, MI

cremation services in Little Lake, MI

There’s nothing easy about losing a loved one and when you have to attend cremation services in Little Lake, MI for a family member, you might be planning to take children along with you for that service. You are going to want to talk to them about what is happening and prepare them for that event. Here are a few tips that might help you get things lined up in their hearts and minds.

Explain The Death

There’s no easy way to explain death and you might want to get advice from a cremation provider or even a spiritual advisor before you approach the topic. What you need to get across to your child is that the person is gone and they are not coming back so they don’t wonder where they went and why they haven’t returned. They are dead and that means something. Your child is going to need closure, too, and that means they shouldn’t carry hope that the person is returning.

Answer Any Questions They Have

Most children are going to have lots of questions about death and what happens around it. You may not be able to answer them all, and that’s okay. Let them ask the questions and answer what you can. If you don’t know the answer to some things, let them know. It’s okay for them to see you as someone who doesn’t necessarily know everything.

Describe The Services

As you prepare to attend the cremation services for your loved one, let your child know what they can expect at the services. Find out what type of service the family is having and describe it for your child. If it’s a traditional service, tell them they will hear speakers, music, and that people will be sad during the proceedings. If it’s more of a celebration, tell your child you are going to celebrate a life well-lived and go over happy memories as a family. When they know what to expect, it can help them to move forward and attend the service with less trepidation.

Lay Out Expectations For Them

You should also let your child know what you expect from them at that service. Perhaps you need them to be polite and quite as well as respectful. They need to know what you expect of them so they can act in that manner, if at all possible. Tell them they have to dress in a certain way and act in a quiet manner so as not to disturb others and so on.

cremation services in Little Lake, MI

Have Compassion

Your child is hearing hard news and talking about the loss of your loved one is never going to be easy. Have compassion and empathy for what they are going through, just as you need right now. Be open with the hugs and let them cry on your shoulder. You can even cry with them so they see that it’s okay to let those emotions out around cremation services in Little Lake, MI.

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